ADR is part of AD Group with appr. 90 employees in Tønsberg, Norway. ADR has signed up for the use of carryDOX SP for file management platform at their Invoice Service Central.

We are happy to have Attentive AS as a Danish Reseller. Attentive AS are based on selling Microsoft Dynamics AX and related services and products. Attentive had their first caryDOX customer ready for signing when signing our reseller agreement.

Peritus AS is an experienced Microsoft Dynamics reseller offering specialized software and services related to Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV og CRM.

F1 Administrative systemer AS
F1 Administrative Systemer specialises in consulting related to customizing and optimal usage of ERP-systems.

Online Tools is a developer and sales channel for ERP-addons with a national distribution network.

Compello Software AS is an international supplier of the Compello Invoice Management system. Compello has functionality focusing on handling incoming invoices and the purchase process.

If you are interested in consulting or reselling related to carryDOX, or have any questions related to purchasing carryDOX, please contact us on Mail to Doxylon